You're looking at the online storefront for books and other merchandise from But I'm A Cat Person, Leif & Thorn, and whatever else Erin Ptah is working on these days.

The shop is currently in beta!

Not everything will work yet.

If you make a purchase that successfully transfers Actual Money, the artist will make sure you get your stuff in the end. But you may have to reach out directly.

Privacy Policy

This site collects contact information (such as name, email, and shipping address) for the purpose of delivering your order, and/or contacting you with information about your order.

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Terms & Conditions

Look, this is a self-hosted online shop run by a single indie creator. It might have some hiccups. I might go on vacation for a week and not be able to put books in the mail until I get back. Things happen. Be patient, you'll get stuff eventually.

Payments are made using third-party processors (such as PayPal), which have their own terms you'll need to follow.

If you order a physical product and it arrives damaged in the mail, contact the site for a replacement. Most of the time I'm able to send one for free. (Exceptions include "shipping to your region is too expensive to comp" and "that book is out of stock".)