• Nice Fun Token

No blockchain, no "mining", no art theft, no ugly auto-generated character selects, no chance of surprise malware in your "wallet".

Just individual hand-crafted comics, which you can now own

And by "own" I don't mean you get any IP rights, or any special access, or anything physical to hang on your wall...I just mean "the URL of that strip will go in a ledger with your name next to it."

Here is the Nice Fun Token ledger. Please check it before buying, to make sure your chosen comic(s) (from either But I'm A Cat Person or Leif & Thorn!) are still available! These are exclusive, after all.

Unlike those other NFTs, the ledger isn't hosted on a blockchain, it's just a spreadsheet on Google Drive. And at $500 instead of $565,000, it's the shockingly low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative way to get a URL in a ledger with your name next to it.

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Nice Fun Token

  • Product Code: Your name in a spreadsheet
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  • $500.00
  • $100.00

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