Third collection of the magical cross-cultural fantasy comedy.

Thorn has been on Embassy guard duty for a year now, and it's going great. His team of knights has expanded! Their magical-girl-in-training is about to level up! He has a boyfriend, sort of! He's won free tickets to the opera! What could go wrong?

. . . except for backstage smugglers, rival secret agents, a magical boy suppressing his powers, a time traveler who almost blows her cover, a knight who calls in sick because he's growing wings, and, oh yes, somebody let a giant monster plant loose in the pipes.


Q. I represent a library/bookstore/local comic shop. How do I get this book at the wholesale price?

A. Contract your usual Ingram distribution channel and ask for Leif & Thorn Volume 3. ISBN: 978-1-7329418-4-7

Q. I found this listed on a major book website (Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, etc). Is it the same book?

A. Almost! Those stores have the Library Edition.

The Reseda Comics shop has the Artist's Edition. This is the original print run, sent to people who preordered it during the original crowdfunding campaign.

All the comics, text, and other bonus material are the same. The formatting in the Library Edition has been slightly updated, and some typos have been fixed. For obscure formatting reasons, it's also 0.25" taller.

Q. Which version should I get?

A. Buying the Artist's Edition is usually the best deal. The book costs less, US shipping is free, and you have the option to get your book signed/sketched.

(To get the very best price, buy the Artist's Edition multi-book set!)

If you need your books shipped outside the US, you may get a better deal on postage with the Library Edition. Check the price on your favorite shopping site, or ask your local bookstore to order it for you.

Format Paperback
Length 192 pages
Size 8.25" W x 10.5" H
Binding Perfect bound

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Leif & Thorn 3: Creeping Vines (paperback)

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